For over 50 years, the Hadi Shrine Funsters have been entertaining children and adults alike in Evansville, Indiana and the Tri-State area. Formed in 1957 by then - Potentate Kilburn Rogers, the Funsters' mission is not just to spread their special brand of cheer, but to also help children in need in the process.

From a founding membership of 10 clowns, the Unit known as the Funsters now, comprises of approximately 40 active and retired members, as well as new apprentices.

The Unit is never short on enthusiasm, clowns, or wacky props. Early on in the history of the Unit, the Funsters obtained a fleet of small cars called Crosleys, which were transformed by this imaginative group of men into several memorable parade and circus vehicles. Some of the Crosley conversions include a fire truck, cannon, doodlebug, and an ambulance. Generations of circus spectators have enjoyed watching clown after clown after clown emerge from one of these tiny autos. Another legendary automobile, which has made the Hadi Funsters famous among Shrine clowns across the country, is the "Bucking Car". Built from a 1926 Chevrolet, presented to the Funsters by then - Potentate Ed Fritz, the car seems to have a personality and mind of its own. These vehicles, along with the ever-popular clown trolley, have traveled throughout the United States and Canada, gathering smiles and trophies at Great Lakes and International Shrine Conventions.

The Funsters not only cavort in parades, circuses and conventions, but they also love to perform for many other types of functions. Hadi Funsters can be spotted at charity benefits, company picnics and parties, school programs, birthday parties, and even the occasional Evansville Philharmonic concert!

What do clowns do when they're not entertaining kids and kids-at-heart, though, you ask? They are regular men of all trades. They are husbands and fathers, and brothers and uncles. They are a caring bunch of men who love to "put on a happy face" and raise money to help burned and crippled children through the Shrine Hospitals.

A circus would not be a circus without these fun-loving,
crazy clowns.